First Review – Ling Yi Mechanical Keyboard

Taobao Mechanical Keyboard

Hi all,

This will be my first review on Ling Yi Mechanical Keyboard that i purchase from 6 months ago. I decided to give this keyboard a review as i feel that it is a very good mechanical keyboard for newbies, especially those that have no idea what a mechanical keyboard is. At the end of this review i will include the keyword that you can use to ease your search for this keyboard on

The seller was good. I did not use any forwarder as I am good in navigating around taobao and i understand basic Chinese. So i decided to order off straight from the seller to save cost. It came in a foam wrap to sure no damage to the content inside which is awesome. I have many bad experiences from buying direct from taobao sellers. The packaging was great, it was packaged like a razer keyboard. It even comes with a plastic hard cover that can be used to cover the keyboard when not in use. Reduce collection of dust on the keyboard.


This keyboard is not wireless, i am not sure if it has a wireless option but it is corded fabric cable like its Razer counterpart. This keyboard comes in 2 different type of switches. Black and blue. Blue is tackier and has loud click sound while black is quieter. I brought both to try. My personal favorite is a black switch as it is not too loud and have the mechanical feel.


At the back of the lingyi keyboard, they provided a cap puller and space for the cable to be directed. It have the flap to adjust the height of the keyboard.10

Lastly the Lingyi keyboard is led lighted! you can change the lighting just by pressing FN+HM. Please note the one without the number pad only has the dragon breath effect. It doesn’t have other led effects.tb2l3-fmxxxxxauxpxxxxxxxxxx_722664442


It’s a good buy, will recommend my friends to purchase this keyboard if they are looking to get a cheap and reliable mechanical keyboard. Have been using this for months let hope this last me 2-3 years. For those that don’t want to get it from taobao, I believe this can be found on amazon too.



游戏机械键盘 (Gaming Mechanical Keyboard)

Yóuxì jīxiè jiànpán

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